Our Spring cleanup took place on Saturday, April 12th. We had six volunteers, picked up ten bags of trash, some rolls of carpet, some tires and another television along our assigned section of Lower Smith Gap Road. We were assisted by several members of the Living Hope Lighthouse Church- thanks so much!



APWC will be conducting our spring cleanup on Saturday, April 12. We will meet at the intersection of Covered Bridge Rd. and Lower Smith Gap Rd. (near Blue Mt. Ski area) at 9am.



Our next meeting will be at 7pm on March 18 . This will be held at the Polk Township Municipal Building.



We attended the December 21,2010 Environmental Quality Board hearing in Harrisburg. One of the items on the agenda was to continue the Petition process for redesignation of the Aquashicola to Exceptional Value (click on Petition on this page). DEP made a short and well done presentation, and the matter was put to a vote. The result was nearly unanimous in favor of further research. One step further along!



DEP has received our Petition to redesignate the Aquashicola Creek (from source to confluence with Buckwha Creek) to Exceptional Value.

In the November 1, 2010 Pa Environment Digest, a section gave notice that the Aquashicola will be evaluated by DEP. The link is: http://www.paenvironmentdigest.com/newsletter/default.asp?NewsletterArticleID=17184.

Please comment if you have anything to add via contact number on our site.